Weekend Challenge 1

First Challenge of the new year:  Staying Healthy.

This will be tough considering Kyle is laying in bed recovering from having his tonsils out on the December 30th.  I am making sure he has all his meds and I am trying to make sure I drink plenty of water and have my vitamins.

We have been working out a lot lately before his surgery and I am starting to enjoy it oddly enough. I have lost three pounds, which isn’t much, but it’s real weight gone, not water weight. I am vowing to drink more water and stay hydrated. My challenge for tomorrow is to drink at least 6 full glasses of water. I normally only have a water bottle or so in day, so…

A little sad Kyle can’t join me…

UPDATE: (January 6, 2010) So… I succeeded on Saturday with my goal, but failed on Sunday.  I was kind of a bum all week with Kyle, didn’t work out for 7 DAYS! Yet somehow, I pulled off losing another pound and a half. Score! Only 15 more to go… I finally worked out today; it felt good!


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