New Year Resolutions

So… 2009 has come and gone. What a year! I have made and lost friends, figured out what really matters the most in life, realized a lot of things a little too late, but all in all I have met the love of my life and found that I can really be myself and be the happiest I  have ever been.

Amazing things I have done in 2009:

– went to California for my Great Grandma’s 100th Birthday! what an inspiration!

– I landed an awesome internship with Indianapolis Monthly and gained a lot of experience. The Indians game we all went to was a blast.

– went on a road trip to the Smoky Mountains with Kyle… our first trip together. Hiked up 2.7 miles to an amazing waterfall and had a near death experience with a black bear.

– had my 22nd birthday with all my awesome friends by my side, minus a few (Reanna, Taylor and Manda) We went to the zoo and Kyle took me to the middle of the city where he wrote me a poem. How sweet!

– Me and Kyle got to dress up as Pam and Jim from one of our favorite shows The Office for Halloween. Don’t remember some of the night, but good times were had! 🙂

– I went ice skating, one of my favorite past times since I was a kid. We took an elevator up to the top of Monument Circle and took pictures at the top. We drank hot chocolate and watched the lights twinkle.

– took a road trip to Chicago in the snow. what fun! I tried an $80 6oz. Kobe steak and we went to the Navy Pier.  I even got to finally have  real Chicago deep dish pizza. yum!

My four resolutions: I have joined the gym now and I know this is cliche, but I want to get into better shape. I have gone from working out only three days a week to now five normally and instead of going on the elliptical for a half hour, I go for 45 minutes to an hour. I want to get even better.  Hence some of the weekend challenges. Also, I want to get better with my money and save more. It is hard with the limited hours I can work, but I need to try! I want to become even more motivated to cook and bake and also get good at it. Cookbooks beware! Last but not least, to be less impatient. That’s going to be a rough one.


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